When working from home in such extraordinary times, remember to do this:

1. Stay calm and stay focused on what’s important. Get back to nature and practice mindfulness, breathe….think happy thoughts, do some yoga, barefoot beach walks, swim in the ocean, or just go outside in the fresh air particularly in the morning and take in some sunshine. Vitamin D is good for us – keep it simple, keep it real, 30 mins a day will do!

2. Hug those closest to you, hug often your loved ones, tightly every day, and if a friend is feeling down hug them too – hugs can make you happier, reduce stress and protects against illness!

3. Connect with people who are positive, who lift you up, support you and are there for you no matter what. Share inspiring and real stories, healthy eating tips and recipes, travel experiences. No fakes, full-stop. Say goodbye to them.

4. Be in control of you – your own mind and your health, read lots of books, listen to music or podcasts, focus on the quality of your sleep, invest in yourself and live the life you’ve always dreamt of, as best you can within a caring community. Before long, you’ll be there and remember to have some fun along the way!

5. Respect yourself first and foremost, people around you, your friends and family. We’re all unique. Open your eyes wide, think for yourself, be curious, ask great questions, speak up and explore the world around you. Respect the planet we all share including animals. There is only one Mother Earth. Be a conscious consumer, get rid of excess stuff, say hello to minimalism and focus on quality. 
Show that you care.

With love, health and happiness, always.

Vesna & Rick.