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Callala Beach & Callala Bay in spectacular Jervis Bay
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Found in paradise
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The sustainable home story

Achieving a dream

Hello, my name is Vesna and I want to tell you my story how I started our boutique luxury accommodation business as a young mum.

It was Summer 2002 when we visited a small coastal village called Callala Beach in Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast of Australia. We drove around the sleepy town and stumbled across a new land subdivision, uncleared, sandy, full of trees and bushshrubs, and with a caravan just a 100 metres from the beach. This was the sales agent’s office and they were selling 87 parcels of land between $90K – $190K in the most pristine environment. Locals dismissed the opportunity for all sorts of reasons but that’s not what we saw.

With some cash in our wallets (what’s that lol!), we put down a small deposit to buy two blocks of land. All lots sold in record time and years later this same land is now worth over $1million.

Dad knows best

We often hear the line “history repeats itself” unfortunately, and as someone who learns from doing I realised in my early thirties that Dad knows best. After being married a number of years with a good job and then moving to the next stage of life planning for a family, I realised I had to get on with it as far as investing in our future. I recall my Dad talking about Callala and how he had bought land for a few thousand dollars as part of his retirement plan. A few property cycles later he tripled his money, and the saying land appreciates, buildings depreciate rang true.

Originally a South Coast girl, living in Sydney close to work, my husband and I decided to invest in an affordable place by the beach. As it turned out, a few hours out of Sydney in the Shoalhaven was the place for us.

Baby on the way

We had heard about Callala and visited the area briefly with Dad on a few occasions, but had no idea Jervis Bay is a protected marine park, actually famous and has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world!

We were excited when the bank approved the loan for our land purchase (wasn’t easy compared to the good ol’ days I’m told, where relationships were truly valued, the world a much simpler place….) and we were pregnant with our first child.

Designing a Sustainable Home – Hazelwood Beach House

Our dream was to design and build a healthy, low maintenance home – a place where our little girl can freely connect with nature, experience unspoilt Australia away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. The flat block of land was perfect, except for one thing which really mattered. There was a lone scribbly gum tree located in the middle of the block. But that’s what became our inspiration, to respectfully maintain the tree and design our new modernist home around it. In Glenn Murcutt’s words, it had to “touch the earth lightly“.


Then the GFC hit, and it changed everything. It was a devastating time for everybody. Building our home design business on the South Coast was cut short by the economic environment and we were forced to come back to Sydney for work. I had to think fast and made the decision to rent our new property to busy professionals so they could de-stress, learn to connect with nature and experience as we have Australia’s little slice of paradise.

Over the years we warmly welcomed our home to amazing people from all over Australia and the world. Providing the highest level of service and privacy to our guests, and partnering with local small businesses so everyone could thrive, made my little venture all the more worthwhile.

Home in Callala Beach Jervis Bay

On completion of the project we tested our architectural design skills and were honoured and humbled when Hazelwood Beach House was awarded the Best Use of Western Red Cedar category in the 2009 Australian Timber Design Awards. Our home was featured in many magazines as well as Australia’s Best Beach Houses book. Goes to show the benefits that passive and biophilic design can bring your property, your business, the environment, let alone the health, happiness and well-being of your family, friends and guests.

The value we bring to a small coastal town and the community lives on beyond the construction of a building and the rental to travellers or even tenants. Note: we don’t do #fake

In the complex economic environment of today, where technology is diminishing that vital human element, natural connection and personal touch, I hope we can continue to reach out to our guests to book directly so they too can invest in their well-being, cherish precious moments and experience this stunning natural part of Australia we call home.

Come say G’ Day as we now welcome Booderee Villas at Callala Bay.
Dreamers, entrepreneurs and small business owners Welcome!

We look forward to hosting you and wish you the best stay EVER.

Your Hosts

Vesna & Rick

With more than 30 years experience in architecture, design and building, Rick’s passion is residential design. He’s an expert in space planning, understands construction and enjoys helping people achieve their property ownership dreams through quality eco-friendly designed homes.  Our modern Australian homes are the result of this passion and Vesna’s vision was to bring them to life, in an affordable way. To share their uniqueness and simplicity with people who appreciate the creative spirit is what brings us joy.  

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Callala Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia

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