Callala Arms Wide Open

Callala what will it be?

Your pristine sun drenched beach makes me feel delightfully free

The blazing fires stopped you in your tracks

Natures glory now renewing and removing any trace and lack

An oasis tucked away from the chaos and despair of this world

A night sky brilliantly flickering with far away diamonds and pearls

Greeted with the finest delicacies, warmth, hello’s and smiles

With a long exhale, the big city left behind has sadly lost its soul and style

Friendships deepened through busting old paradigms

Envisioning splendid tomorrow’s and the divine

As nature, beauty and the sea collide, adventure is on my mind.

What could that possibly be?

Callala will no doubt blissfully continue to reveal itself to me.

Callala A Place To Begin

Today the sun was meant to shine, instead the fake and real clouds kept rolling by

The ocean displayed far and wide like a magnificent Monet postcard

Friends walking arm in arm, chatting intently about existence

Dogs running around bursting with excitement

Flat as a pancake, one step at a time

Wading carefully to thigh high

The turquoise water resembling an embryonic bath

Children laughing as the tide creeps back

Where is this all going?

Where is the end?

If heaven is on earth 

Then this oasis called Callala is a good place to begin.